24V 60W 62mm Planetary Brushless DC Gear Motor GS

24V 60W 62mm Planetary Brushless DC Gear Motor GS

60w 62mm DC brushless Motor

Brushless DC motor (BLDC) is made up of motor and driver, which is a kind of typical product of mechanical and electrical and electrical integration. It is high regarded bymarket as its small volume, low noise, high efficiency, wide range of speed control and steady working state with less inaccuracy. 


 Model of Motor Voltage
Rated Power
Rated Current
Rated Speed
Rated Torque
Grade Protection
GSBLD60R62D24    24        60         three.five       3000       .191        32
GSBLD60R62D24    24        70         4.2       3000       .223        32



Motor voltage, power and speed will be CZPT according to your ask for below the allowed circumstance of adoptable dimension.

About Greensky Mechanical

History:  Greensky Mechanical was started in 2012 with acquiring of a fifteen yr outdated cooperative manufacturing facility in ZHangCZPTg Province. Greensky Energy introduced new administration concept to the new joint organization and increase the high quality of the motors as Greensky Energy only gives best good quality and best services to the modern society. 
Introduce: Greensky Mechanical Co., ltd is a subsidiary business of Greensky Energy which is producing micro AC and DC equipment motor, tiny AC gear motor, precision planetary gearbox for servo motor, and it has capacity to layout and develop the micro motor, CZPT motor and precision gearbox, motor controller with higher good quality.
Philosophy:We save value by rising the effectiveness of manufacturing and supply. “Once and eternally” is our purpose to serve buyers in the world. As soon as we do business with buyer, we will do business without end.

Greensky’s Advantage

On the site you can find a assortment of renewable goods including ac/dc motor, induction motor, reversible motor, brake motor, velocity management motor, ac angel motor, gear motor, planetary gearbox, worm gearbox and their relevant factors.

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24V 60W 62mm Planetary Brushless DC Gear Motor GS