45mm DC Electrical Planet Gear Motor with Long Life

45mm DC Electrical Planet Gear Motor with Long Life

45mm DC CZPTal Earth Equipment Motor with Extended Daily life

Gearbox info:

Number of levels 1stages reduction two phases reduction three phases reduction four levels reduction five phases reduction
Reduction ratio 3.seven,five.two 13.seven,19.two,26.9 50.9,71.two,ninety nine.5,139 188,264,369,516,721 669,977,1367,1911,2672,3736,
gearbox length ” L” mm 26.4 32.six 38.nine 45.three fifty two.5
Max.Operating torque three.0Kgf · cm six.0Kgf · cm 8.0Kgf · cm 12.0Kgf · cm 20Kgf · cm
Max. Gear breaking torque nine.0Kgf · cm eighteen.0Kgf · cm 24Kgf · cm 36Kgf · cm 60Kgf · cm
Max. Gearing performance ninety% eighty one% seventy three% sixty five% 59%

Motor data:

Motor title Rated volt.v No load Load torque Stall torque
Recent Speed Present Speed Torque Output electricity Torque Existing
mA r/min mA r/min gf · cm W gf · cm mA
TG-38123400 twelve ≤40 3400 ≤180 2500 forty 1. a hundred and sixty 720
TG-38124500 12 ≤50 4500 ≤350 3300 60 two. 210 1400
TG-38126000 12 ≤70 6000 ≤720 4500 80 three.6 300 2800
TG-38243000 24 ≤15 3000 ≤80 2200 40 .nine one hundred forty 320
TG-38244500 24 ≤25 4500 ≤180 3300 60 two. two hundred 730
TG-38246700 24 ≤45 6700 ≤360 4500 eighty three.6 300 1400
       1,This table lists some motors parameters, other individuals remember to refer to certain parameters of tg-38-1.htm.
       2,Afier connecting motor and gearbox which is named gearmotor the output torque:motor torque X reduction ratio X        gearing efficiencyoutput pace:motor pace / reduction ratio.


   1, Gearmotor named methods: e . g . PG36M528123000-ninety nine.5K    Motor make sure you refer to the motor information TG-38123000.
          Gearbox make sure you refer to gearbox information reduction ratio99.five .Connected to gearmotor output speed and torque please
          refer to motor knowledge.
   2, Motor can be set up wiht magnetic encorder. encorder parameters make sure you refer to me-32.htm.
   3,CZPT output shaft following minimizing: dia8.0mm. other measurements of then output shaft can make as client request.
   4,Chart only for reference,items shall prevail the entity.


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45mm DC Electrical Planet Gear Motor with Long Life