Curtis DC Sepex Motor Controller Assemblage 1243-4220

Curtis DC Sepex Motor Controller Assemblage 1243-4220

CURTIS  DC SepEx Motor Controller Assemblage 1243-4220
24V / 36V – 200A, with Manage Deal with & Set up Kit

Product Description:


CURTIS 1243 Generation two MultiMode™ controllers are individually enthusiastic motor speed controllers developed for use in a variety of tiny industrial vehicles and in material handling gear. These programmable controllers are easy to put in, effective, and value effective, even though offering much more functions than the first 1243.

The 1243 GEN2 MultiMode™ controller supplies easy precise handle of motor speed and torque. A complete-bridge field control stage is combined with a 50 percent-bridge armature electrical power phase to offer reliable condition motor reversing and total regenerative braking CZPT further relays or contactors. The controller’s rugged IP53 housing and packaging are constructed to face up to shock and vibration. Condition-of-the-art surface mount logic board fabrication makes the 1243GEN2 controller even a lot more reliable than the original 1243. The 1243GEN2 is entirely programmable by way of the CURTIS Model 1313-4331 Handheld Programmer or 1314 Personal computer Programming Station. In addition to configuration versatility, the programmer supplies diagnostic and take a look at capability.

Crucial Features:

  • CURTIS Model: 1243-4220
  • Norminal Battery Voltage (Volts): 36V (default environment) or 24V
  • Overvoltage safety:
    • 24V models: cutback at approx. 30V, cutback at ≈34V
    • 36V versions: cutback at approx. 45V, cutback at ≈49V
  • Undervoltage safety:
    • 24V versions: cutback at approx. 17V, cutback at ≈13V
    • 36V types: cutback at approx. 25V, cutback at ≈21V
  • Push Recent Restrict (amps): 200
    • Amature:
      • two Minute Recent Ranking (amps): 200
      • 1 Hour Present Ranking (amps): eighty
    • Discipline:
      • two Minute Existing Ranking (amps): twenty five/35
      • one Hour Existing Score (amps): 15/20
  • PWM working frequency: 16 kHz
  • CZPTal isolation to heatsink (min.): 500 VAC
  • KSI enter voltage (bare minimum): sixteen.eight V
  • KSI enter present (typical):
    • seventy eight mA CZPT programmer
    • 120 mA with programmer
  • Logic input voltage: seven.5 V Higher <1 V Low
  • Logic input existing fifteen mA
  • Regulatory compliance
    • Security, applicable parts: EN 1175-one:1998
    • EMC and EMI: EN 12895:2000
    • UL CZPTgnized Element, UL File AU1841
  • Ambient operating temperature selection: -40°C to 50°C
  • Heatsink overtemperature cutback: 85°C
  • Heatsink undertemperature cutback: -25°C
  • Aluminum alloy installation panel measurement:
    • L241 mm x W160 mm x H8 mm
    • Set up dimensions (holes): 240 mm x 140 mm
  • Bundle environmental ranking: IP53
  • Assemblage Internet Fat: three.nine kg (with foot pedal throttle)
  • Package Bodyweight: 5.four kg

Features Consist of:

  • Interlock braking with load sensor to fulfill needed braking length CZPT unneeded harsh braking at light hundreds
  • Routine maintenance keep track of responds to preset car running several hours and travel hours as programmed by the OEM
  • Two hourmeters – whole KSI-on several hours and traction hours – and the linked maintenance timers are created into the controller
  • BDI calculations executed in controller
  • Estimates motor temperature dependent on area resistance and cuts back again greatest velocity if the motor is overheated
  • Diagnostic checks for subject open and subject shorted faults
  • Supports PWM electromagnetic brake with optimum continuous current of 2 amps
  • Supports Type 4 throttle
  • Lively precharge of controller capacitor financial institution extends daily life of major contactor
  • Compatibility with CURTIS 1313-4331 Handheld Programmer or 1314 Computer Programming Station for rapid and effortless testing, diagnostics, and parameter adjustment
  • MultiMode™ allows four person-selectable automobile operating modes
  • Continuous armature present control, reducing arcing and brush dress in
  • Comprehensive diagnostics via the handheld programmer, the developed-in Status LED, and the optional 840 Spyglass show
  • Two fault outputs supply diagnostics to remotely mounted displays
  • Regenerative braking enables shorter halting distances, will increase battery cost, and lowers motor heating
  • Computerized braking when throttle is diminished provides a compression braking feel and enhances basic safety
  • Brake/Travel Interlock meets ISO stopping distance demands
  • Ramp restraint function gives automatic digital braking that restricts car movement although in neutral
  • Meets EEC fault detect requirements
  • CZPT cutback of motor push existing for the duration of overtemperature or undervoltage
  • CZPT cutback of regenerative braking existing in the course of overvoltage
  • Large pedal disable (HPD) and static return to off (SRO) interlocks prevent car runaway at startup
  • Interior and exterior watchdog circuits make sure appropriate software procedure
  • Entirely safeguarded inputs and brief-circuit protected output drivers.

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Curtis DC Sepex Motor Controller Assemblage 1243-4220