Ordinary Single Motor Carbon Steel Lubricant Grease Making Reactor

Ordinary Single Motor Carbon Steel Lubricant Grease Making Reactor

1.This is the Normal variety solitary motor sort reactor.
two.It utilizes combined sort planetary ribbon agitator or combined type planetary paddle agitator.
three.CZPT finishes mechanical seal to endure force close to .5-.6Mpa.
4.It is generally carbon steel,sometimes is stainless steel.
5.It has a cylinder shell,a scorching oil heating jacket,elliptical seal base and head.
6.Downward valve not at the least expensive position.

I. Cleaning soap generating is a chemical reaction amongst lithium hydroxide and fatty acids (acid and alkali). This sort of response is known as saponification response. This is the most crucial action and the most critical phase in the manufacturing of lithium-based grease.
II. Following the cleaning soap is produced, it will be melted into a cleaning soap solution following growing heating temperature.
III.Add base oil into the cleaning soap solution to cool it, and combine it to sort lithium-primarily based grease.
IV. At this time, even though lithium-primarily based grease has been created, its look is quite tough, not shiny and transparent. Submit-remedy (homogenization, degassing) is needed to receive the finished lithium-based mostly grease .

Having lithium-primarily based grease as an instance, briefly introduce the production process of lithium-based mostly grease:

Lithium grease is a kind of grease utilizing lithium cleaning soap as thickener.

1)Thickener is a compound that can thicken lubricating oil into a viscous ointment.

2)Lithium soap is a compound shaped by the blend of lithium hydroxide and fatty acid. This compound is combined with the foundation oil to sort a lithium-based grease.

three)Consequently, in buy to create lithium-primarily based grease, lithium cleaning soap should 1st be ready. Following the lithium soap is created, it will be combined with foundation oil to type a lithium-dependent grease.

four)The specific lithium-dependent grease generation approach can be about divided into the subsequent steps: soap producing → rapidly cooling → mixing → homogenization → degassing → completed merchandise packaging.


Ordinary Single Motor Carbon Steel Lubricant Grease Making Reactor