Decoilers Straighteners Servo Roll Feeders and Compact Press Feeding Systems Auto Press Feeder

Decoilers Straighteners Servo Roll Feeders and Compact Press Feeding Systems Auto Press Feeder

Decoilers Straighteners Servo Roll Feeders and Compact Push Feeding Systems Automobile Press Feeder  MAC4-1000F


Coil Feeding Traces are composed of a Decoiler Straightener device and NC Servo Feeder unit and are particular suited for profiling, stamping punching line, laser chopping and several other machining processes.

By blend of straightener and roll feed into a single equipment, so known as feeder-straightener, which is positioned immediately at the press, the necessary place for a (extremely typically prolonged) material loop of straightened substance can be saved..
The feeder-straightener is provided with materials out of a (in comparison) quite tiny loop of not straightened content beneath the Decoiler.
The decoiler is equipped with a variable velocity travel as well as with a very delicate loop management. By this way it is confident that there always will be adequate content CZPT for provide of the feeder-straightener.
In scenario that feeding lengths and stroke prices do require a greater content stock inside of the substance loop, the Coil Feeding Line will be finished with a loop pit.

The overall flexibility that can be utilized to these coil feeding lines tends to make it possible to research the greatest remedy on the foundation of the customers` certain operating needs, based on the sectors to which they belong and the use of the materials alone.

Coil Feeding lines are therefore in a position to work thickness from .six mm to 6. mm with width that selection from 70 to 1800mm and fat up to 10tons based on the requirements of the particular buyer.

Various kinds of materials can be machined, from comfortable types such as aluminium and alloys, to sizzling and cold-rolled materials and carbon and stainless steel, and to high-toughness materials and lamination steel.
The future of compact push feed line

Appropriate Content: CR Steel, HR Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Copper and so forth.
Coil width: 70mm-1000mm
Materials thickness: .6mm-six.0mm
Coil bodyweight: Max.20Tons
Line velocity: 16m/min 
Feeding duration: Max.9999.99mm

With the Yaskawa Servo Techniques and Mitsubishi PLC handle, the Compact Feeding line can achieve ±0.15mm feeding precision.

Item parameters:

Product MAC4-600F MAC4-800F MAC4-1000F MAC4-1300F MAC4-1600F
Stock Width(mm) 70~600 70~800 70~1000 70~1300 70~1600
Inventory Thickness(mm) .six~6. .six~six. .six~6. .six~six. .six-six.
Max.Coil Excess weight(kg) 5000 5000 7000 10000 15000
Max.Coil O.D.(mm) 1400 1400 1400 1400 1400
Coil I.D.(mm) 508 508 508 508 508
Feed Duration(mm) ~500* ~500* ~500* ~five hundred* ~500*
Max.Line Pace(m/min) sixteen~24 16~24 16~24 sixteen~24 16-24
Work Roll Amount(piece) upper 6
reduced five
upper 6
lower 5
upper 6
decrease 5
upper 6
decrease five
upper six
lower 5
Feed Roll quantity(established) one 1 one one 1
Principal Motor AC7.five AC11. AC11. AC11. AC22.
Mandrel Expansion Hydrauilc Hydrauilc Hydrauilc Hydrauilc Hydrauilc
Reel Motor(kw) two.2 2.two 3.7 7.five 15.
Electricity(v) three Period 220V/380V/50HZ
Working Air(Mpa) .49 .49 .forty nine .forty nine .49

Straightening Functionality(For Produce Toughness components):

Model MAC4-600F MAC4-800F MAC4-1000F MAC4-1300F MAC4-1600F
Stock Thickness(mm) .6 600 800 one thousand 1300 1600
1. 600 800 one thousand 1300 1600
one.two 600 800 one thousand 1300 1600
1.four 600 800 1000 1300 1600
1.6 600 800 a thousand 1300 1600
2. 600 800 one thousand 1300 1600
2.5 600 800 1000 1157 1600
3.two 550 609 810 800 1350
4. 430 481 605 710 800
five. 292 390 420 490 714
six. 203 271 285 245 600

COMPANY  Details:

RUIHUI founded in 2000, the engineering of automation periphery is from Japan and Germany, and utilizing high requirements of theory in the areas variety, for assembly procedure and spare components, adhere to the needs in accordance with the authentic design regular, and into each production process.

Now, RUIHUI has 280 personnel and yearly output benefit can be thirty hundreds of thousands USD. In twenty years RUIHUI has accrued knowledge and outstanding style ability underneath Japanese engineers assistance. RUIHUI turned very liable and robust in executive and properly-acknowledged auto parts manufacturer. All of these authorized RUIHUI attain the best notch in  industry.


Decoilers Straighteners Servo Roll Feeders and Compact Press Feeding Systems Auto Press Feeder