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China wholesaler Screw Ball Bearing Linear CNC Guide SBR16 Automation Parts Linear Rail Price manufacturer

Product Description

Cylinder linear rail and linear bearing assemble

Company Profile

HangZhou Wangong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

About US: Professional  producing Ball screw, Linear guide, linear shaft, Linear roller guide and linear motion bearings
HangZhou Wangong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 2008 and is located in HangZhou City, ZHangZhoug Pro. China. We ahve built a R&D and profuction base of more than 52000m, Our expertise lies in manufacturing precision transmission components, As a distinguished high-tech enterprise, we seamlessly integrate research and development, production, sales, and service. We have successfully incorporated advanced equipment and cutting-edge technologies from renowned countries like Germany, Japan and ZheJiang .

Product Description


ERSK  linear rail linear guide rail linear guide slide block TBR SBR 

Linear guide Slide Block TBR SBR series 
1. Circular linear guide TBR16, 20, 25,30; SBR 50

2. Material: C45 # , Gcr15, Aluminum

3. ISO9001:2008 Certificate

4. High quality–Long life use

5. Manufactory with large stocks–Cheap Price and Prompt delivery

6. We can change the length of shaft and guide according to your requirements.

7. We can machine end round linear guide by your drawings.

8. Trading exporter–6 years export experience (linear rail)

2,SBR or TBR single shaft assembly includes:

1, Precision shafts made of different materials

2, Linear ball bushings for all performance levels

3, Linear slide bushings (ceramic/self lubricating)

4, Linear housings and components

5, Shaft support blocks and shaft support rails

6, Customer specific applications

3, if you want graphite copper sleeve into the aluminium housing, or the linear carriage with locking, we are able to customized them for you

Linear roundrails – classic components for reliable linear motion

Linear round rails are long established as machine elements for the execution of linear motions and have optimally withstood the test of time in industrial applications. They can be used for example as adjusting units in automation tasks.

Linear round rails are robust, reliable, powerful and – due to their simple construction – very economical. The construction of the round rails, which is based on hardened guide carriages in combination with different linear-motion bearings or linear-motion bushes, allows many possibilities for variation. Rodriguez also offers sliding bearing variants.

In addition to the type of bearing, there is also a broad spectrum of guide elements to choose from. Mounting the guide shaft on different shaft supports and the use of open guide elements create additional possibilities for variations. Linear roundtrails with shaft support provide an economical and robust alternative to profiled rail guides.

single Shaft Assembly (SBR or TBR series) is a complete assembly which simplifies the use of a linear bearing in a mechanical positioning application. Each assembly has a steel shaft mounted to a anodized, precision machined, aluminum support.  The pre-drilled base mounting holes supports allow for easy customer mounting.  The SBR or TBR assemblies come in standard lengths or customized length, and with shaft diameters from10mm to 50mm
4,Feature at a glance

SBR series linear block and linear shaft supprt,
the linear bearing inner dia from 10mm to 50mm, the linear shaft dia is the same as linear bearings,

the linear block case have standard SBR-S series:


the linear block case have the over-length block SBR-L series too:  SBR10LUU, SBR12LUU,SBR13LUU,SBR16LUU,SBR20LUU,SBR25LUU,SBR30LUU,SBR40LUU,SBR50LUU

Look at the picture, you could understand well

5,TBR series linear block and linear shaft supprt:

the linear bearing inner dia from 16mm to 30mm, the linear shaft dia is the same as linear bearings

The linear block case have standard TBR-S series:TBR16UU,TBR20UU,TBR25UU,TBR30UU

Have the over-length block TBR-L series:TBR16LUU, TBR20LUU,TBR25LUU,TBR30LUU

Look at the picture, you could understand well

6,Comparing to SBR and TBR:
 the main difference is that SBR block can just be mounted from up to down, But TBR block can be mounted from up to down, also down to up,SBR rail width is less than TBR rail width, However, SBR blocks and TBR blocks can be interchanged into the same linear guide, The rail linear shaft have 2 material:S45C and GCr15(SUJ2)

7,Products specifications

Brand name ERSK
Product name Linear guide and block
Model no. SBR/TBR
Material quality chrome steel and stainless steel Aluminium alloy
Service after-sale service and technical assistance as per customer’s
requirement and needs. Customers are always given quickly
Length Max:6000mm, other length as your requirement
Delivery time Base on customer required quantity,by negotiated
Products packing Plastic bag+box case or wooden case, or according to
customer’s requestment
Sample Sample order could be available
Payment terms T/t or L/C are available for large orders, Paypal and West
Union for small orders
Shipping method DHL,UPS,TNT,FEDEX,EMS,Airfreight and by sea, By
Quality ISO9001-2008

8, Data sheet


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Our Advantages

As a distinguished high-tech enterprise, we seamlessly integrate research and development, production, sales, and service. We have successfully incorporated advanced equipment and cutting-edge technologies from renowned countries like Germany, Japan, and ZheJiang . Our commitment to innovation has led to the acquisition of multiple product design patents, and we proudly adhere to ISO9001 certification standards.

Our service

Our Team:
Professional technicians, high-quality production workers, 24-hour salespersons
Integrity is at the core of our values, and providing excellent 
service is our top priority. We begin by understanding your 
needs and strive to ensure your utmost satisfaction, forging a mutually beneficial relationship.
Through technology and innovation, we strive to enhance 
product quality and deliver exceptional products and services 
to you.
We are firmly dedicated to CHINAMFG the pinnacle of highquality standards and venturing into the realm of world-class 
advanced manufacturing industries.
We are excited about the opportunity to work with you and 
exceed your expectations.


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Application: Warehouse Crane, Shipboard Crane, Goods Yard Crane, Building Crane, Workshop Crane, Machines
Material: Aluminium and Steel
Structure: Linear Motion Transmission
US$ 10/Meter
1 Meter(Min.Order)


Order Sample

cylinder linear guide and block


.shipping-cost-tm .tm-status-off{background: none;padding:0;color: #1470cc}

Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

motor base

What troubleshooting steps can be taken for common issues related to motor slide rail misalignment?

When dealing with motor slide rail misalignment, several troubleshooting steps can be taken to identify and resolve common issues. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Misalignment of motor slide rails can lead to various problems, including uneven movement, increased friction, excessive wear, and potential damage to the motor and slide rail components. Troubleshooting the issue involves a systematic approach to identify the cause of misalignment and take appropriate corrective actions. Here are some troubleshooting steps to consider:

1. Visual Inspection:

Begin by visually inspecting the motor slide rails and associated components. Look for any obvious signs of misalignment, such as visible gaps, skewed positioning, or uneven wear patterns. Check for loose or damaged mounting brackets, fasteners, or attachment points. Inspect the slide rails for any signs of damage, deformation, or excessive wear that may contribute to misalignment.

2. Measurement and Alignment:

Use precision measuring tools, such as calipers or laser alignment devices, to assess the alignment of the motor slide rails. Measure the distance between the slide rails at multiple points along their length to check for consistent spacing. Compare the measurements to the manufacturer’s specifications or alignment guidelines to identify any deviations. Adjust the positioning of the slide rails as necessary to achieve proper alignment.

3. Check Mounting Brackets and Fasteners:

Ensure that the mounting brackets and fasteners securing the motor slide rails are properly tightened. Loose brackets or fasteners can contribute to misalignment and instability. Carefully inspect the brackets and fasteners for any damage or wear that may affect their ability to maintain alignment. Tighten or replace any loose or damaged components as needed.

4. Lubrication and Friction:

Check the lubrication of the motor slide rails. Insufficient or improper lubrication can cause increased friction, leading to misalignment or uneven movement. Apply the appropriate lubricant according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Ensure that the lubricant is evenly distributed along the slide rails and that any excess lubricant is removed to prevent accumulation of debris or contaminants.

5. Environmental Factors:

Consider environmental factors that may contribute to motor slide rail misalignment. Temperature extremes, humidity, dust, or vibration can affect the stability and alignment of the slide rails. If the environment poses challenges, consider implementing measures such as protective enclosures, seals, or vibration dampening to minimize the impact on alignment.

6. Professional Assistance:

If troubleshooting steps do not resolve the misalignment issue or if the cause is not apparent, it may be necessary to seek professional assistance. Contact the manufacturer or a qualified technician with expertise in motor slide rails for further diagnosis and guidance. They can provide specialized knowledge and tools to address complex misalignment issues.

In summary, troubleshooting misalignment issues with motor slide rails involves visual inspection, measurement, alignment adjustments, checking mounting brackets and fasteners, lubrication, considering environmental factors, and seeking professional assistance when needed. By systematically addressing these troubleshooting steps, it is possible to identify and resolve common issues related to motor slide rail misalignment, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the motor system.

motor base

Can motor slide rails be used in outdoor or challenging environmental conditions?

Yes, motor slide rails can be used in outdoor or challenging environmental conditions. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Motor slide rails are designed to withstand a wide range of operating conditions, including outdoor or challenging environments. The specific suitability of motor slide rails for outdoor use depends on the design, materials, and protective measures incorporated into the rail system. Here are some factors to consider:

1. Material Selection:

The materials used in motor slide rails play a crucial role in determining their suitability for outdoor or challenging environments. High-quality materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloys, or corrosion-resistant coatings, are commonly used to enhance durability and resistance to environmental factors like moisture, UV exposure, extreme temperatures, chemicals, or abrasion. These materials help protect the slide rails from corrosion, rust, or other forms of degradation that can occur in outdoor settings.

2. Sealing and Enclosure:

In outdoor or challenging environments, motor slide rails may require additional sealing or enclosure measures to protect against dust, dirt, water ingress, or other contaminants. Weatherproof seals, gaskets, or protective covers can be employed to create a barrier between the rail system and the external environment. These measures help maintain the integrity of the motor slide rails and prevent the entry of harmful substances that could compromise their performance or longevity.

3. IP Ratings:

Motor slide rails can be designed to meet specific Ingress Protection (IP) ratings, which indicate the level of protection against solids and liquids. IP ratings are standardized codes that provide information about the degree of protection offered by the enclosure or housing of the motor slide rails. Higher IP ratings, such as IP65 or IP67, indicate a higher level of protection against dust, water, and other environmental factors. Choosing motor slide rails with suitable IP ratings ensures their ability to withstand outdoor or challenging conditions.

4. Environmental Testing and Certification:

Motor slide rails can undergo rigorous environmental testing to validate their performance and durability in challenging conditions. These tests may include exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, salt spray, vibration, or mechanical stress. Certifications such as NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) or IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) can provide assurance of compliance with industry standards and specifications for outdoor or demanding environmental applications.

5. Lubrication and Maintenance:

Proper lubrication and maintenance are essential for the reliable operation of motor slide rails in outdoor or challenging environments. Lubricants specifically formulated for outdoor use or resistant to extreme conditions can be applied to ensure smooth sliding and protection against wear and corrosion. Regular inspection, cleaning, and lubrication of the slide rails help maintain their performance and extend their service life in demanding environments.

6. Application Considerations:

When using motor slide rails in outdoor or challenging environments, it is important to consider the specific application requirements. Factors such as temperature extremes, exposure to chemicals or solvents, high humidity, or mechanical stress should be assessed to ensure the suitability of the slide rail system. Additionally, factors like load capacity, shock resistance, and compatibility with other equipment in the application should be considered to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Overall, motor slide rails can be designed and engineered to be used in outdoor or challenging environmental conditions. By selecting appropriate materials, incorporating sealing measures, considering IP ratings, conducting environmental testing, and implementing proper lubrication and maintenance practices, motor slide rails can provide reliable and durable performance in demanding settings. However, it is essential to carefully evaluate the specific requirements of the application and choose motor slide rails that are specifically designed and rated for outdoor or challenging environments.

In summary, motor slide rails can be used in outdoor or challenging environmental conditions through the use of suitable materials, sealing measures, IP ratings, environmental testing, and proper maintenance practices.

motor base

Are there industry standards for the dimensions and specifications of motor slide rails?

Yes, there are industry standards that define the dimensions and specifications of motor slide rails. Here’s a detailed explanation:

The dimensions and specifications of motor slide rails are crucial for ensuring compatibility, interchangeability, and proper functioning within motor installations. Several organizations and industry bodies have established standards that provide guidelines for the design, dimensions, and performance requirements of motor slide rails. These standards help manufacturers, engineers, and users maintain consistency and quality in motor slide rail systems.

1. International Organization for Standardization (ISO):

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a widely recognized international standard-setting body. ISO has developed various standards related to mechanical and industrial components, including motor slide rails. ISO standards such as ISO 4343 and ISO 4344 provide guidelines for the design, dimensions, and performance requirements of linear motion systems, which encompass motor slide rails.

2. American National Standards Institute (ANSI):

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is an organization that oversees the development of voluntary consensus standards in the United States. ANSI has published standards related to linear motion systems, which can include motor slide rails. ANSI B5.57 is an example of a standard that covers the dimensional and performance requirements for linear motion systems.

3. European Committee for Standardization (CEN):

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) is responsible for developing European standards across various industries. CEN has established standards related to linear motion systems, which can include motor slide rails. These standards, such as EN 619 and EN 12090, define the dimensions, performance characteristics, and testing methods for linear motion components.

4. Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS):

The Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) specify the standards used for industrial activities in Japan. JIS standards cover a wide range of products and components, including linear motion systems and motor slide rails. Standards such as JIS B 8017 and JIS B 8032 provide guidelines for the design, dimensions, and performance requirements of linear motion components.

It’s important to note that the specific standards applicable to motor slide rails may vary depending on the region, industry, and intended application. Manufacturers and users should consult the relevant standards applicable to their specific geographic location and industry sector to ensure compliance and compatibility.

Adhering to industry standards for motor slide rails helps promote consistency, compatibility, and interoperability among different manufacturers and systems. It ensures that motor slide rails meet certain quality and performance criteria, facilitating their integration into motor installations and promoting overall system reliability and safety.

In summary, industry standards established by organizations such as ISO, ANSI, CEN, and JIS provide guidelines for the dimensions and specifications of motor slide rails. These standards help ensure compatibility, interchangeability, and performance consistency within motor slide rail systems across different industries and regions.

China wholesaler Screw Ball Bearing Linear CNC Guide SBR16 Automation Parts Linear Rail Price   manufacturer China wholesaler Screw Ball Bearing Linear CNC Guide SBR16 Automation Parts Linear Rail Price   manufacturer
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