Two Color Offset Printing Machine

Two Color Offset Printing Machine

Two colour Flexo Printing Machine

It is suitable for printing packing materials this sort of as polyethylene, polypropylene, glass paper and roll paper.   


  1. Easy operation, versatile commencing, precise color sign up
  2. The meter counter can established printing amount according to the demands. Cease the device immediately at the established quantity or when the substance is reduce off
  3. Elevate and reduce the printing plate cylinder manually, it will immediately stir the printing ink after lifting
  4. The printing ink is distribute by the knurled cylinder with even ink coloration
  5. CZPT drying technique coordinated with high-speed rotation, it will immediately split circuit when the device stops
  6. 360°continuous and adjustable longitudinal sign up system
  7. The imported frequency control of motor pace adapts to distinct printing speeds
  8. There are inching/halting buttons on the plate roller foundation and substance rolling rack so as to make it effortless function the machine when the plate is put in. 

Primary Engineering

Model YT-2600 YT-2800 YT-21000
printing speed 50m/min 50m/min 50m/min
printing coloration 2color 2color 2color
max. internet width 800mm 800mm 1000mm
max. printing width 960mm 960mm 960mm
printing duration selection one hundred ninety-960mm one hundred ninety-960mm a hundred ninety-960mm
max. feeding diameter 450mm 450mm 450mm
max. rewinder diameter 450mm 450mm 450mm
registration accuracy ± .2mm ± .2mm ± .2mm
voltage 3Phase 380v 3Phase 380v 3Phase 380v
dimension 2300 × 1860 × 2145mm 2300 × 2060 × 2145mm 2300 × 2260 × 2145mm
bodyweight of device 2000kg 2100kg 2200kg

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Two Color Offset Printing Machine