China high quality Fast Speed Roller Bearing Square Sliding Rail a/c vacuum pump

Product Description

Domestic double shafts Linear roller guide and linear block set

Company Profile

HangZhou Wangong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

About US: Professional  producing Ball screw, Linear guide, linear shaft, Linear roller guide and linear motion bearings
HangZhou Wangong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 2008 and is located in HangZhou City, ZHangZhoug Pro. China. We ahve built a R&D and profuction base of more than 52000m, Our expertise lies in manufacturing precision transmission components, As a distinguished high-tech enterprise, we seamlessly integrate research and development, production, sales, and service. We have successfully incorporated advanced equipment and cutting-edge technologies from renowned countries like Germany, Japan and ZheJiang .

Product Description

1, Feature: 

1, Adjustable preload,

2, eccentric nut design

3, easy adjustment, up to zero clearance

4, the linear rails can replace the base surface installation, the old wear parts (rails and blocks) can be replaced, reduce costs.

5. The roller wheels design is suitable for high dust situations and high speed. Low noise and other features.

6. Highly repeatable positioning accuracy, high parallel accuracy, error of plus or minus 0.02mm. 7, the linear rails and carriages can be changed easily, reduce material costs, reduce product prices, reduce product replacement costs and time.

2,Linear Roller guide rail and blocks (SGR series and LGD series)

 SGR series includes

SGR10 (with blocks SGB10-3wheels, SGB10-4wheels, SGB10-5wheels),

SGR10N (with blocks SGB10N-3wheels, SGB10N-4wheels, SGB10N-5wheels),

SGR15 (with blocks SGB15-3wheels, SGB15-4wheels, SGB15-5wheels),

SGR15N (with blocks SGB15N-3wheels, SGB15N-4wheels, SGB15N-5wheels),

SGR20 (with blocks SGB20-3wheels, SGB20-4wheels, SGB20-5wheels),

SGR20N (with blocks SGB20N-3wheels, SGB20N-4wheels, SGB20N-5wheels),

SGR25 (with blocks SGB25-3wheels, SGB25-4wheels, SGB25-5wheels),

SGR35 (with blocks SGB35-3wheels, SGB35-4wheels, SGB35-5wheels)


LGD series includes

LGD6 (with blocks LGD6-L60-4wheels, LGD6-L100-4wheels)

LGD8 rail (with blocks LGD8-L70-4wheels, LGD8-L100-4wheels, LGD8-L100-6wheels)

LGD12 rail (with blocks LGD12-L60-2wheels, LGD12-L100-4wheels, LGD12-L100-6wheels, LGD12-L140-4wheels, LGD12-L140-6wheels, LGD12-L160-6wheels, LGD12-L160-8wheels)

LGD16 rail (with blocks LGD16-L150-4wheels, LGD16-L150-6wheels,LGD16-L190-4wheels, LGD16-L190-6wheels

3, We are able to customize the un-standard linear guide and blocks, like the linear rails with black color and blocks,It can be prevented corrosion, the rail end sides with baffle plates, Please see the pictures, if any customized, please send your drawings to me, and tell your requirements


4,  Linear roller guide and block specifications:

Brand name ERSK,
Product name Roller Linear guide and block
Model SGR/ LGD
Material quality chrome steel and Aluminium alloy
Service after-sale service and technical assistance as per customer’s
requirement and needs. Customers are always given quickly
Length Max:6000mm, other length as your requirement
Delivery time Base on customer required quantity,by negotiated
Products packing Plastic bag+box case or wooden case, or according to
customer’s requestment
Sample Sample order could be available
Payment terms T/t or L/C are available for large orders, Paypal and West
Union for small orders
Shipping method DHL,UPS,TNT,FEDEX,EMS,Airfreight and by sea, By
Quality ISO9001-2008

5, Compared to all the linear guides, 
(Square linear guide HGR series, Cylinder linear guide SBR and TBR, and Roller linear guide), It’s better to choice Roller linear guide in dirty or dusty environment. These is the main features:Fast speed, strong dirt resistance, easy installation and easy maintenance.


6, Intruduce linear guides

 The shaft guide is a light-load high-speed guide that moves in a straight line. The slider and the roller are all integrally formed.

It is divided into 2 categories. They are built-in double-axes linear guides, also called inner slides. In the series, the slider is in the guide rail’s inner part, namely the CHINAMFG series double-axle guide rail.

the external double-axle linear guide rail, also called the outer slide guide rail, the slider is on the outside of the guide rail, namely the OSG series double-axle guide rail or LGD series double-axle guide rail.

The heart linear guide means that the double-axle rails are installed inside the guide rails, and the sliders are basically equivalent to the guide rail widths.The external double-axle linear guide rails mean that the double-axle heart rails are installed outside the guide rails, and the slider is wider than the guide rails.

The linear guides and carriages are suit for many kinds of Firewood and glass cutting, flame cutting, stacking machines, textile machinery, machine tool covers, and marble processing and casting machinery. Generally used in electronic equipment, laser machines, industrial industries, medical equipment, food processing equipment, high-speed transport equipment, suitable for high-speed, quiet, smooth, requires relatively clean equipment above.


Dual axis guides are commonly used in laser machines, printing machines, engraving machines, woodworking equipment, large-sized cutting machines, and furniture industries.

Linear ball guides are used in large CNC machine tools, laser machines, engraving machines, and high-speed equipment.

Stainless steel rails are used in drawers and computer desks.

Different material guides determine the conditions of use

7, Data sheet


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Our Advantages

As a distinguished high-tech enterprise, we seamlessly integrate research and development, production, sales, and service. We have successfully incorporated advanced equipment and cutting-edge technologies from renowned countries like Germany, Japan, and ZheJiang . Our commitment to innovation has led to the acquisition of multiple product design patents, and we proudly adhere to ISO9001 certification standards.

Our service

Our Team:
Professional technicians, high-quality production workers, 24-hour salespersons
Integrity is at the core of our values, and providing excellent 
service is our top priority. We begin by understanding your 
needs and strive to ensure your utmost satisfaction, forging a mutually beneficial relationship.
Through technology and innovation, we strive to enhance 
product quality and deliver exceptional products and services 
to you.
We are firmly dedicated to CHINAMFG the pinnacle of highquality standards and venturing into the realm of world-class 
advanced manufacturing industries.
We are excited about the opportunity to work with you and 
exceed your expectations.


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Application: Warehouse Crane, Shipboard Crane, Goods Yard Crane, Building Crane, Workshop Crane, Machines
Material: Aluminium and Steel
Structure: Linear Motion Transmission
US$ 10/Meter
1 Meter(Min.Order)


Order Sample

linear roller guide and block


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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

motor base

Are motor slide rails suitable for use with both AC and DC electric motors?

Yes, motor slide rails are suitable for use with both AC and DC electric motors. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Motor slide rails are mechanical components designed to support and guide the movement of motors in various applications. They are typically used to facilitate linear motion, allowing motors to be positioned or moved along a defined path. The compatibility of motor slide rails with AC and DC electric motors is primarily determined by the mechanical specifications and requirements of the specific motor and application.

The fundamental function of motor slide rails is to provide a stable and controlled movement mechanism for motors. This function is independent of the type of electric motor used, whether it is an AC motor or a DC motor. The key considerations when using motor slide rails with electric motors are related to the mechanical aspects rather than the electrical characteristics of the motors.

When selecting motor slide rails for use with electric motors, several factors need to be considered:

1. Load Capacity and Size:

The motor slide rails should be chosen based on the load capacity and size requirements of the electric motor. The rails should be able to support the weight of the motor and any additional loads. It is important to consider the size and dimensions of both the motor and the slide rails to ensure proper fit and compatibility.

2. Mounting and Integration:

The mounting and integration of the motor slide rails with the electric motor should be carefully evaluated. The slide rails should be compatible with the motor mounting brackets or any other components involved in the motor installation. Proper alignment and secure attachment of the motor to the slide rails are essential for safe and reliable operation.

3. Environmental Considerations:

The operating environment and conditions should also be taken into account when selecting motor slide rails for use with electric motors. Factors such as temperature, humidity, dust, or exposure to chemicals may affect the materials and performance of the slide rails. It is important to choose slide rails that are suitable for the specific environmental conditions in which the motor will operate.

Overall, motor slide rails can be used with both AC and DC electric motors as long as the mechanical specifications and requirements of the motors are taken into consideration. The compatibility of the slide rails with the electric motors is primarily determined by factors such as load capacity, size, mounting, integration, and environmental considerations. By selecting appropriate slide rails and ensuring proper installation, users can effectively utilize motor slide rails with both AC and DC electric motors in various applications.

motor base

How do motor slide rails enhance the ease of maintenance for electric motors?

Motor slide rails enhance the ease of maintenance for electric motors in several ways. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Access and Serviceability:

Motor slide rails provide convenient access to the motor for maintenance purposes. The rails allow for easy removal and reinstallation of the motor, simplifying tasks such as inspection, cleaning, lubrication, or replacement of motor components. By sliding the motor along the rails, technicians can gain better access to the motor from multiple angles, making it easier to perform maintenance tasks without the need for complex disassembly or extensive downtime.

2. Adjustable Mounting Positions:

Motor slide rails typically offer adjustable mounting positions, allowing for flexible motor positioning. This adjustability enhances maintenance by providing the ability to fine-tune the motor’s position and alignment. Technicians can easily adjust the motor’s position along the slide rails to optimize belt tension, pulley alignment, or coupling engagement. This ensures proper functioning and reduces the need for frequent maintenance adjustments due to misalignment or wear.

3. Quick Motor Replacement:

In cases where motor replacement is required, motor slide rails simplify the process. By sliding the motor along the rails, it can be easily disconnected from the power source and removed from the system. This makes motor replacement faster and more efficient, minimizing downtime during maintenance or motor failure situations. The slide rails also facilitate the quick installation of a new motor, ensuring a smooth and streamlined maintenance process.

4. Component Accessibility:

Motor slide rails improve access to other components connected to the motor. By sliding the motor along the rails, technicians can easily reach and service components such as motor couplings, pulleys, belts, or gearboxes. This accessibility simplifies maintenance tasks such as lubrication, inspection, or replacement of these components, reducing the time and effort required for maintenance procedures.

5. Modular Design and Replacement:

Some motor slide rail systems feature a modular design, allowing for easy replacement or upgrade of individual components. This modularity enhances maintenance by enabling the replacement of specific rail sections, mounting brackets, or other accessories, without the need for replacing the entire rail system. This reduces maintenance costs and downtime while ensuring the motor slide rails remain in optimal working condition.

6. Compatibility with Diagnostic Tools:

Motor slide rails can be compatible with diagnostic tools and condition monitoring equipment. The ease of access provided by the slide rails allows for the installation of sensors or monitoring devices to track motor performance, temperature, vibrations, or other parameters. This compatibility with diagnostic tools enables proactive maintenance, early fault detection, and efficient troubleshooting, leading to improved motor reliability and reduced downtime.

7. Safety and Ergonomics:

Motor slide rails contribute to maintenance efficiency by enhancing safety and ergonomics. The rails provide a stable and controlled environment for motor maintenance tasks, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries. The ability to slide the motor along the rails significantly reduces the physical strain on technicians, as they can access the motor at a comfortable working height and angle, minimizing fatigue and improving overall maintenance efficiency.

Overall, motor slide rails enhance the ease of maintenance for electric motors through improved access and serviceability, adjustable mounting positions, quick motor replacement, enhanced component accessibility, modular design and replacement options, compatibility with diagnostic tools, and improved safety and ergonomics. These features contribute to streamlined maintenance procedures, reduced downtime, and improved motor reliability, ultimately enhancing the overall performance and longevity of electric motors.

In summary, motor slide rails play a crucial role in enhancing the ease of maintenance for electric motors by providing convenient access, adjustable mounting positions, quick replacement options, improved component accessibility, compatibility with diagnostic tools, and improved safety and ergonomics.

motor base

How do motor slide rails contribute to the flexibility of motor positioning and alignment?

In the context of electric motor installations, motor slide rails play a significant role in providing flexibility for motor positioning and alignment. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Horizontal Adjustability:

Motor slide rails allow for horizontal adjustability, enabling precise motor positioning and alignment. By sliding the motor along the rails, users can make fine adjustments to achieve the desired alignment with the driven equipment. This horizontal adjustability ensures that the motor shaft is parallel and co-linear with the driven shaft, optimizing power transmission efficiency and minimizing wear and tear on both the motor and the driven components.

2. Vertical Adjustability:

In addition to horizontal adjustability, some motor slide rail systems also offer vertical adjustability. This feature allows users to adjust the motor’s height or elevation within the installation. Vertical adjustability is particularly useful when aligning the motor with existing equipment or accommodating specific space constraints. It provides flexibility to position the motor at the optimal height for efficient power transfer and compatibility with the driven system.

3. Customizable Mounting Configurations:

Motor slide rails support customizable mounting configurations, further enhancing flexibility in motor positioning and alignment. These rails often feature multiple mounting holes or slots along their length, allowing users to choose different attachment points for the motor. This flexibility enables users to adapt the motor slide rail system to match the specific dimensions and requirements of the installation. Customizable mounting configurations are particularly advantageous when retrofitting motors into existing systems or when dealing with non-standard motor or equipment sizes.

4. Accommodation of Space Limitations:

Motor slide rails provide a solution for installations with space limitations. In restricted spaces, where direct access to the motor or driven equipment may be limited, motor slide rails allow users to position the motor in a more accessible location. By sliding the motor along the rails, technicians can gain easy access to various motor components for maintenance, inspection, or repairs. This accommodation of space limitations ensures that critical maintenance tasks can be performed efficiently, reducing downtime and improving serviceability.

5. Alignment Fine-Tuning:

Motor slide rails enable precise alignment fine-tuning even after the initial installation. If adjustments are needed due to changes in operating conditions or system requirements, the motor can be easily moved along the rails to achieve the desired alignment. This fine-tuning capability ensures that the motor remains optimally aligned over time, maintaining efficient power transmission and prolonging the life of the motor and other system components.

6. Compatibility with Different Motor Sizes:

Motor slide rails are designed to accommodate different motor sizes and mounting configurations. They are often modular in nature, allowing for easy adjustment and customization to match the specific dimensions of the motor. Whether installing small motors or larger industrial-grade motors, motor slide rails provide the flexibility to position and align motors of varying sizes, ensuring compatibility with the chosen motor and the requirements of the application.

In summary, motor slide rails contribute to the flexibility of motor positioning and alignment through horizontal and vertical adjustability, customizable mounting configurations, accommodation of space limitations, alignment fine-tuning capabilities, and compatibility with different motor sizes. These features empower users to achieve precise motor alignment, optimize power transmission efficiency, and adapt the motor installation to specific space constraints or equipment configurations.

China high quality Fast Speed Roller Bearing Square Sliding Rail   a/c vacuum pump		China high quality Fast Speed Roller Bearing Square Sliding Rail   a/c vacuum pump
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