Yrkk High Voltage Three Phase AC Electric Slip Ring Wound Rotor Induction  Motor of IP54 F Vpi 3kv 6kv for Fan Pump Crusher Cement Yrkk355-4 200kw

Yrkk High Voltage Three Phase AC Electric Slip Ring Wound Rotor Induction  Motor of IP54 F Vpi 3kv 6kv for Fan Pump Crusher Cement Yrkk355-4 200kw

YRKK High Voltage Three Stage AC CZPT Slip Ring Wound Rotor Induction Motor of IP54 F VPI Impregnating 3KV 6KV for fan pump crusher cement


CZPT description

YR series massive seize 6kV wound rotor 3-phase asynchronous motor is a new series of products that our organization introduces and digests the sophisticated technological innovation of WESTING-Home Firm and brings together decades of motor production expertise of our company. It is the alternative product of JR aged collection.
YR series large dimensions 10kV wound rotor a few-period asynchronous motor is yet another sequence of merchandise very carefully developed by our company on the foundation of the productive growth of medium-sized 6kV wound rotor 3-section asynchronous motor. This sequence of motors can be straight utilized in 10kV power grid. In contrast with the 6kV motor, it has the benefits of simplified tools, trustworthy procedure, expense saving and energy consumption reduction.

Composition specification
YR collection motor’s rotor winding adopt copper conductors with the insulation materials whose insulation class is F. The welding among the windings, the lend-out copper conductors and windings all undertake silver-copper-welding to guarantee the motor operating reliably.
YR series motor has the box-variety construction, which was made up of steel plate welded with lightweight and great stiffness. On leading of the motor is the protecting protect, practical to servicing and alternative. The stator adopts the push construction the winding with course F insulation and VPI impregnating, which guarantee the reputable of the insulation, the mechanical tension and the able of resistant humidity. The basically defense course is IP23 IP54 motor can be provided according to necessity.

The stator coil is buried with the temperature measuring component, and the change of the coil temperature is noticed. The specification of the temperature measuring ingredient can be established according to consumer demands.
If you require to insert a heater inside of the motor, you must specify it when ordering.
The motor terminal cable is normally in the lower portion of the motor, and the terminal cable can also be designed in accordance to customer requirements and need to be set up on the wall of the machine base.

The Implication of the symbol
YR     710     1—— 4

                                No.1 iron size
                                Centre peak(mm)
                                Wound-rotor a few phase asynchronous motor
YRKK Series

  • Frame sizes: 355-1000                         
  • Rated output: 185-5000kW
  • Insulation class: F                              
  • Degree of security: IP54 / IP55
  • Enclosure: IC611(Air-air heat exchanger)         
  • Rotor: wound-rotor with collector rings                    
  • Voltage: 6Kv, 10Kv                              
  • Mounting: Horizontal

This motor can be processed by the anticorrosion anti-mould-evidence approach to derive outdoor (W) and outdoor corrosion defense (WF) motors. High efficiency, power conserving, lower vibration, small dimensions, mild weight, reliable functionality and straightforward installation and servicing. The frame is created of metal plate becoming welded up into sort of sq. tank shape with light bodyweight and firm rigidity. Stator is an outer-press-assembly composition. The stator winding is F quality insulation at the winding’s stop element being firm banded. The entire stator and rotor has been handled with VPI technology to make stator and rotor with insulation and dampness resistance. Silver brazing is utilised amongst rotor coils and in between copper strip and coils to ensure the trustworthiness of motor operation.

Perfect for driving all types of general equipment, such as h2o pump, supporter, compressor, crusher and etc.


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Yrkk High Voltage Three Phase AC Electric Slip Ring Wound Rotor Induction  Motor of IP54 F Vpi 3kv 6kv for Fan Pump Crusher Cement Yrkk355-4 200kw